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What We Do


RUSTBELTGROUP is a business consulting firm specializing in sustainable, smart transportation systems. We are direct supplier to multiple automotive and transportation organizations in the U.S. and Canada.


When transportation organizations need to execute on a new project or perform detailed tasks, it can be easier and more cost effective to externalize and ascribe much of the work to a specialized team. To support the execution of these strategic transportation initiatives, the RUSTBELT GROUP leverages proven industry competencies to develop and implement robust processes and metrics.

Our Michigan based team has significant ability to execute on business objectives using its expertise and connection to the automotive, transportation and fleet industries.

Working as an extension of staff to grow your enterprise, Rustbelt Group's transportation business team moves forward new, strategic initiatives until you reach steady state or until revenue can support a specialized team. 

We help early stage businesses and larger companies that need executive expertise but are not ready to hire full-time business leaders, project managers or a national sales team.

Business Development
Project Management

Supporting public private partnerships and identifying opportunities for transportation companies to conduct business  or support the goals of public sector agencies.

Public Sector Support

We approach all work by first identifying the core objectives of the organization. Once understood, we develop a process map and timeline of deliverables necessary to measure success.

Process Mapping
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