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Chris Milani


RUSTBELTGROUP's core purpose is to support a thriving transportation industry throughout North America. We assert that transportation companies need to work faster and adapt proven methods and advanced technology in their industry more than any time in history.


Think of RUSTBELTGROUP as a force multiplier to launch your next initiative. When transportation organizations need to execute on a new project or perform detailed tasks, it can be faster, easier and more cost effective to externalize and ascribe much of the work to a specialized team. To support the execution of these strategic transportation initiatives, RUSTBELTGROUP leverages proven industry competencies to develop and implement robust processes and metrics.

The RUSTBELTGROUP Leadership Team

Chris Milani is a Principal of RUSTBELTGROUP with more than 30 years of professional business experience including senior executive operational and marketing positions with leading transportation, distribution and original equipment manufacturing companies. Milani founded the RUSTBELTGROUP to extend the reach and accelerate the benefits of advanced technologies with proven economic advantages for North American fleets. 

Knepper is an Associate Partner at RUSTBELTGROUP based in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Knepper provides strategic consulting and technical project management for businesses and public entities in the intelligent transportation and automotive sectors by helping businesses and government agencies define opportunities and execute strategies to create a competitive advantage through product, service and process differentiation.

Travis Knepper 
Associate Partner
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